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So, What is Athleisure?


Wave goodbye to those blue jeans of yours! While fashion trends are impelling, dramatic, and impossible to avoid, we all know how rarely these trends offer the same chic, current style with a sense of functionality and practicality to match. Lucky for you, Montana Blues has this up and coming trend down to a science!


Fitness and fashion. Studio to street. Athleisure. Making the most of the pieces so comfy you just can’t take them off. Easily weaving your active lifestyle into your busy day-to-day life, and looking great as you do it!  

So why embrace this fashion movement? For one, it is one of the rare cases in which a trend caters to its followers’ needs, and not vice-versa. This reincarnation of cool fitness-wear takes all that is uncomfortable, unneeded, or unrealistic and works to keep things current, casual, and conceptual, making for one seriously wearable fashion trend.


Secondly, the concept of athleisure is rooted in the increasing amount of people who have started embracing a healthier lifestyle. There are more people now eating clean, living sustainably, and giving part of their daily life to fitness—and the big names in the fashion industry have taken note! Alexander Wang, Milly, Juicy Couture, and Chanel are just a handful of designers who have crafted up their own unique collections of fitness oriented garments. At the end of it all, we have clothes we’d normally wear to the gym being worked into forward, street-ready ensembles; these are clothes we all have (tees, sweats, yoga pants) with a modern, fashion-forward edge. 


So get going! You deserve to take advantage of this emerging fashion gift. We’ll even help you get started! Here are a few of our favorite products that will get you that chic, fresh-out-the-gym look:

collage         Solow Boyfriend Hoodie                Alala Captain Ankle Tight                   Kensie Cardigan 

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