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It doesn’t matter what size your breasts are, wearing the wrong sports bra can result in some major uncomfortability. Working out allows the breast tissue to move about, & if you’re wearing a sports bra that doesn’t allow adequate support, you can experience soreness, pain, & sagging. A good sports bra is supposed to reduce the movement your breasts make during exercise; hence, reducing the irritations that come with an ill fitting bra. So, when investing in your next sports bra, make sure it has the right qualifications.

A good sports bra should support your body & reduce both back & breast pain to enhance your overall workout routine. Depending on the impact of your workout, different sports bras allow different levels of support, & this should be kept in mind with the level of activity. So first, lets discuss exercise impact.


  • Low-impact: Low impact exercises usually have one foot on the ground at all times & are typically easier on the body & its joints.  Low impact exercises include activities such as walking, elliptical, & yoga.
  • Medium-impact: Medium impact exercises usually combines both low & high impact levels of activity. These exercises may include, hiking, skiing and some aerobics.
  • High-impact: In high impact exercise, both feet leave the ground at the same time. Running, jump rope, & some aerobics are classified as high impact.


After keeping in mind the type & level of exercise, it’s important to know the types of sports bras & what they’re best for.


The 3 Types Of Sports Bras


  1. Compression bras work by compressing the breasts against the chest to restrict movement, & work well for small to medium-breasted women with an A-B cup size. Compression bras come in 2 styles, the scoop-back which works well for low-medium impact activities, & the racer-back which is more supportive & works better for medium-high impact activities.


  1. Encapsulation sports bras have individual cups that surround & support each breast. Most regular bras are encapsulation bras & have no compression. These bras are great for women with a cup size of C & up, & provide support to eliminate bouncing & side movement.


  1. Encapsulation/Compression sports bras combine compression with encapsulation for dual support of the breasts. These sports bras offer the most support, & can be worn for most activities.


How Should My Sports Bra Fit?


When looking for a new sports bra, remember that you want both support & comfort. You want a sports bra that fits well, but isn’t making it difficult to move or breath. These 3 qualities are important to keep in mind on your next sports bra voyage.

  • When trying on a sports bra, try raising your arms & creating movement to see if the band or cups move. If the bra is moving with your movements, you may want to try a smaller band.
  • When looking for a cup size that feels right, remember that your breasts shouldn’t be bulging out of the sports bra. If this occurs, try a larger size. Additionally, the cups shouldn’t have any wrinkles or gaps. If the cup fabric is wrinkled, you may want to try a smaller size. Overall, your sports bra should feel tighter than a regular bra, but should still allow you to breathe deeply & comfortably.
  • When looking for a sports bra, keep in mind the fabric type. You’ll want to look for fabrics that allow for durable movement, breathability, & moisture wicking properties. Moisture wicking fabrics can reduce chafing & help remove excess moisture from sweat that can cause skin irritations. Ultimately, moisture wicking fabrics help keep you cool & comfortable so that you can focus on your workout. 


              Compression                                                       Encapsulation                                           Encapsulation/Compression
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Looking for a new sports bra? Try these favorites from our top brands.

Compression: The Jamaica Chic Bra by Onzie is a compression top that features a multi criss-cross design in the back and simple scoop neckline in the front. The top is designed with free-flow technology, dries quickly for ultimate ventilation, & is fully lined for maximum support. 

Encapsulation: The Paddle Fast Bra by Alo Yoga is an encapsulation sports bra made from a high performance fabric that allows comfortable four-way stretch & eliminates chafing.

Encapsulation/Compression: The CrossFire Sports Bra by Harvest Active has both compression & encapsulation qualities for ultimate support.  The bra is made with fabric that allows a 4 way stretch with flat seams, & moisture wicking properties for a breathable fit that is both secure & comfortable. The bra is also made from close to 90% recycled material for a win, win, win!

Featured sports bras available at Montana Blues

3 Yoga Poses to Detox & Cleanse



Lemon water & detox baths are wonderful, but sometimes you just need to get that body moving. These relaxing yoga moves are great for targeting specific areas of the body for a natural detox that leaves you feeling balanced & rejuvenated. Here are our 3 favorite yoga twists to wring out that toxin build-up & make way for some fresh vibes.


1. Seated Twist: Sit with legs long in front of you. Bend right knee and place right foot outside of left knee. (You can keep left leg long or fold it in like a half-cross-legged seat.) Wrap left arm around right leg and place right hand on the ground behind sacrum. Use each inhale to lengthen spine and each exhale to wring yourself out of anything you no longer want or need. Do this for 5 deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.

2. High Lunge Twist Repetitions: From high lunge with left foot forward, inhale to straighten legs and lift arms high. On exhale, come back down to high lunge and twist, reaching right arm forward and left arm back. Inhale back to center. Do 10 to 20 reps, then repeat on the opposite side.

3. Wide-legged Forward Fold with Twist: From a wide-legged forward fold, heel-toe feet wide, about three to four feet apart. Take left hand to right ankle or shin, reach right hand toward the ceiling, and lean back. Stay here or, if it would feel even better, bend right elbow, take hold of the top of left thigh, and lean back. Breathe for 5 deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.


Find more detoxing yoga poses from Shape Magazine:

Got Kale

Kale collage

We love Sub Urban Riot’s take on the “YALE” sweatshirt available at our boutique this season.  Beyonce likes it too!   “KALE” is the super food that can lower cholesterol, fight cancer, strengthen bones, aid digestion and weight loss.  Got Kale?

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by Brooke Griffin.

The Legging Revolution, and Why It’s Unstoppable


 I don’t know what it is about yoga wear that is so holding, but it’s hard not to notice how the trend has caught on. Not just because everyone and their mom has a pair, either. What was once a novelty reserved for yoga or pilates is now a staple piece in wardrobes all over the world. More often than not, these pants can be seen branded with state of the art fabric or in a one of a kind print, supplying us with a truly bold, eye catching craze. Leggings really have taken over the world. Blame it on yoga’s great revival or on our call for comfort and functionality, but this trend is going nowhere. Here’s why.


There’s a pair of leggings in your closet whether you’re a fitness junkie or not, so it’s no surprise that leggings have redefined the standard of celebrity wardrobes. Whether they are a cotton blend or StretchFlex, printed or solid, leggings are being worn as statement pieces in the outfits of today’s most trusted style icons. Bold, chic, and eye-grabbing.


This leap in yoga wear popularity has lead to some super interesting advances in the industry. As the demand for yoga wear goes up, so does the technology the yoga brands use in the creation of these products. Brands are perfecting their own, signature fabrics that transcend into all of the brand’s merchandise, each fabric with a unique set of focuses and specific yoga style aims.

Alo Yoga, a favorite here at Montana Blues, has started using eco-friendly, lavish fabrics like bamboo spandex jersey and organic cotton. They’ve also designed fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to draw sweat away from the body,  anti-bacterial technology to block the growth of microbes that cause odor, and StretchFlex technology that allows for ultimate movement and stretch during your workouts.


Onzie, another favorite, is a brand hot yoga enthusiasts continuously flock over. Onzie has developed its signature fabric that is super flexible, 100% waterproof, and with Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology. Onzie is good to wear to yoga class, out shopping, or even on your next beach vacation.


Right now in the fitness apparel industry, quality is everything. Companies fight to have the best, most luxurious fabrics on the market—a fight that, luckily, makes for an array of options for us legging enthusiasts to choose from! Check us out on for even more of our favorite leggings!

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