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Brand Crush: Vimmia

Montana Blues | Vimmia

For us, haute athletic wear means great quality athletic clothing featuring beautiful designs that can be worn from studio to street; so we wanted to do some research to figure out just what makes some of the hottest athleisure brands so… well, haute.

Our first stop: Vimmia!

Vimmia is a name we’ve heard thrown around in magazines such as Women’s Health, Us Weekly, Shape, Yoga Journal & an abundance of others. We discovered that Vimmia’s name is more than just a pretty word, it has a special meaning specifically designed for women who balance life, love, family & fitness. Vimmia is derived from the Latin word vim, meaning “life force.” The company’s entire mission is built upon the idea of harnessing this life force & living a healthy, confident life that is filled with the utmost vitality & strength.

In the words of Vimmia, “To live with vim is to vow to live every day feeling healthy, confident, and present in your body, in your self.”

Vimmia is not only spiritually conscious, but they are also passionate about creating the best quality clothing that is designed & made right here in the U.S.A. Vimmia keeps production local, which allows them to put all of their hard earned dollars right back into the communities we love; which not only makes us happy, but makes our economy happy too. Vimmia has not only been featured in some of the largest magazines in the U.S., but has also become the activewear brand celebs love; receiving some rave reviews from stars such as Khloe Kardashian (who is known for her huge athletic wear closet) & Jada Pinkett Smith.

Vimmia competes with top brands such as Athleta, Lululemon & Reebok for a shining spot at the top, & considering they’ve only been around for a couple of years, we’re colored impressed. But it’s no surprise that Vimmia has grown so quickly in the last few seasons with their signature cutouts, slimming compression leggings, & their fine attention to detail. When combined with materials that provide UVA & UVB sun protection, antibacterial properties, & moisture wicking fibers, it seems there is nothing Vimmia can’t do. Vimmia cuts no corners when it comes to integrating form & function to provide a quality fit that will outlast any performance. It’s these qualities that has made the brand pretty hard not to love, but just in case you needed some more convincing, here’s our top 3 reasons why we’re gushing over Vimmia.

3 Reasons to Love Vimmia

1. Fashion for the Gym & Beyond

Vimmia has a wide variety of styles such as classic greys & slimming blacks, to trendy patterned leggings that are great for adding some fun into your wardrobe. But now, Vimmia has teamed up with maternity store A Pea In The Pod to make sure our lovely moms-to-be are included in on the fashion fun. Vimmia’s new maternity line includes 9 exclusive styles that incorporate all of their staple signature looks. Combined with their modest cutouts that allow for style and ventilation, & feminine details such as pleated hems, Vimmia is a fashion yes in our book.

2. Fit like a Glove

People have raved about Vimmia’s comfortable fit that allows them to go from work to gym to street; but another reason people love Vimmia, is for their slimming leggings that are great for tucking in the tummy. Vimmia’s leggings feature a slimming band that tucks & compresses for a slender fit that remains comfortable. Comfortable & slimming? Yes, please.

3. Feelings of Good & Gleaming

When you wear Vimmia, you not only feel your own life force gleaming, but it’s a brand you can feel good about implementing into your closet. Vimmia is a brand that truly goes above & beyond to provide quality, which is why Vimmia is one of our top loved brands. We not only trust Vimmia as a name, but we trust that once you slip on one of their luxury items, you’ll feel your inner goddess ready to take on the world.

See for yourself, shop Vimmia today!