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Sports Bras

sportsbras It doesn't matter what size your breasts are, wearing the wrong sports bra can result in some major uncomfortability. Working out allows the breast tissue to move about, & if you're wearing a sports bra that doesn't allow adequate support, you can experience soreness, pain, & sagging. A good sports bra is supposed to reduce the move...

The Dewy Makeup Look

dewy-makeup-blog-header  Want that vibrant glow that seems only celebrities can achieve? The dewy soft look that has us turning heads and asking how? Well we found the perfect makeup guide to get you there. Yes, that's right, soft dewy perfection will be gracing your lovely face with th...

Brand Crush: Vimmia

Montana Blues | VimmiaFor us, haute athletic wear means great quality athletic clothing featuringย beautiful designsย that can be worn from studioย to street; so we wanted to do some research to figure out just what makes some of the hottest athleisure brands so... well, haute. Our first stop: Vimmia! Vimmia is a name we've heard thrown around in magazines such as Women's Health, Us Weekly, Shape, Yoga Journal & an ...

No Makeup-Makeup

nomakeupmakeuplightblue Want that effortless no makeup look? Follow this easy guide for simple makeup perfection.Fresh simple makeup that will make you feel gorgeous without the hassle. Sound too good to be true? Not with this easyย guide that breaks it down for every level of makeup artiste. 1....

3 Road Trip Tips & Tricks

RoadTripsSummer road trips can be a magical thing. Whether you're traveling with friends, family, or even a solo voyage, road trips have a way of putting wonder back onto the map. However, anyone who's ever been on a Summer excursion knows that sometimes the planning can be not-so-magical. So we scouted out some tips, tricks & ideas to make your road trip t...