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The Legging Revolution, and Why It’s Unstoppable


 I don’t know what it is about yoga wear that is so holding, but it’s hard not to notice how the trend has caught on. Not just because everyone and their mom has a pair, either. What was once a novelty reserved for yoga or pilates is now a staple piece in wardrobes all over the world. More often than not, these pants can be seen branded with state of the art fabric or in a one of a kind print, supplying us with a truly bold, eye catching craze. Leggings really have taken over the world. Blame it on yoga’s great revival or on our call for comfort and functionality, but this trend is going nowhere. Here’s why.


There’s a pair of leggings in your closet whether you’re a fitness junkie or not, so it’s no surprise that leggings have redefined the standard of celebrity wardrobes. Whether they are a cotton blend or StretchFlex, printed or solid, leggings are being worn as statement pieces in the outfits of today’s most trusted style icons. Bold, chic, and eye-grabbing.


This leap in yoga wear popularity has lead to some super interesting advances in the industry. As the demand for yoga wear goes up, so does the technology the yoga brands use in the creation of these products. Brands are perfecting their own, signature fabrics that transcend into all of the brand’s merchandise, each fabric with a unique set of focuses and specific yoga style aims.

Alo Yoga, a favorite here at Montana Blues, has started using eco-friendly, lavish fabrics like bamboo spandex jersey and organic cotton. They’ve also designed fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to draw sweat away from the body,  anti-bacterial technology to block the growth of microbes that cause odor, and StretchFlex technology that allows for ultimate movement and stretch during your workouts.


Onzie, another favorite, is a brand hot yoga enthusiasts continuously flock over. Onzie has developed its signature fabric that is super flexible, 100% waterproof, and with Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology. Onzie is good to wear to yoga class, out shopping, or even on your next beach vacation.


Right now in the fitness apparel industry, quality is everything. Companies fight to have the best, most luxurious fabrics on the market—a fight that, luckily, makes for an array of options for us legging enthusiasts to choose from! Check us out on for even more of our favorite leggings!

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